Whether the NQ2 board supports tunable wavelengths


Yes, the NQ2 board supports tunable wavelengths when it is equipped with a wavelength-tuning module.

Other related questions:
Whether the SSE7LWFT01 board of BWS 1600G supports wavelength tunable optical modules
The feature code T indicates that the wavelength is tunable. The SSE7LWFT01 board is a wavelength tunable board.

Methods for identifying whether the wavelength of a TN53ND2 board is tunable
Query the board manufacturer information and check the description of the module. "Tunable" indicates that the wavelength of the optical module is tunable. The queried specific wavelength information indicates that the wavelength is fixed.

Whether the LOG board is wavelength-tunable
If the code of the OTU board contains T, it indicates that the board is wavelength-tunable.

Method used to determine whether a board supports tunable wavelengths
On the NMS, query the manufacturer information of the desired board. If "Tunable" is included in the information, the board supports tunable wavelengths.

Whether wavelengths on the NS3 board are tunable
The NS3 board supports tunable wavelengths on the WDM side.

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