Whether the VI port on the OBU board can report a LOS alarm


No, the VI port on the OBU board cannot report a LOS alarm.
When logical fibers are created on the NMS, if no FIU board is configured at the local site and the multiplexed-wavelength optical signals of the peer site need to be connected to the OBU board at the local site, you are advised to connect the logical fiber to the IN port of the OBU board. In this way, the corresponding logical fiber will turn red in case of a fiber cut.

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Launch power adjustment of the OBU board on OSN 6800
The gain of an OBU board is fixed , but the gain of an OAU board is adjustable and gain locking and power locking are supported.

SWDL_PKG_NOBDSOFT alarm locating
1. Run the :swdl-get-onlinebdlist command. Online BD List Info Bid GROUPIDX BdType PCB BdClass OfsNum ResetType MainState SubState Result 18 0 0x03bc 0x01 OSP 2 nrst NORMAL NORMAL SUCCESS 2-6 0 0x08f6 0x00 OSP 1 nrst NORMAL NORMAL SUCCESS 21 0 0x03bb 0x03 OSP 1 nrst NORMAL NORMAL SUCCESS 2-12 0 0x03ac 0x01 OSP 1 nrst NORMAL NORMAL SUCCESS 2-1 0 0x03ab 0x01 OSP 1 nrst NORMAL NORMAL SUCCESS 2-11 0 0x0619 0x01 OSP 1 nrst NORMAL NORMAL BD_CUSTOM Note: If SUCCESS is displayed in the Result column, the corresponding package has the board software. If BD_CUSTOM is displayed in the Result column, the corresponding board is user-defined. That is, the software of the board is unavailable. 2. To further determine whether the package of a CF card contains the board software or whether the required files are present, perform the following operations: (1) Query for mismatched board types. Run the :swdl-get-onlinebdlist or :swdl-rtrv-bdlist command to query the package loading list. In the command output, BdType corresponding to Bid specifies the type of the board in the slot. (2) Search for the *.pkg file in the software package and open the file using the UltraEdit tool. Query the value of BdType (The values are case-insensitive and exclude 0 except the most significant bit 0 in the hexadecimal identifier 0x. For example, search only 0x619 in case of 0x0619.) Based on the query results, you can determine the files to be loaded to the board. (3) Run the :sftm-show-dir:85,"cfs1/pkg1" command to query the files in the current CF card. If the files queried in step 2 do not exist in the pkg package, the SWDL_PKG_NOBDSOFT alarm is reported.

Functions of the VI and VO optical ports of the OAU board
A VOA is configured between the two optical ports. A multiplexed signal is input through the VI port, processed for optical power adjustment, and then output through the VO port. Then the IN port receives the multiplexed signal sent through the VO port.

Whether the FIU board reports the MUT_LOS alarm
Yes, it does.

Connection of the MON port of the OBU board
The MON port of the OBU board connects to the input optical port of an optical spectrum analyzer board.

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