Maximum access rate of the TN52TOM board when the board works in tributary-line non-cascading mode and the dual-feeding and selective receiving function is enabled on the WDM side


In this scenario, three encapsulation paths are available for the TN52TOM board:
The maximum access rates are 5 Gbit/s for all the three encapsulation paths.

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Board mode selection for an ELOM board on OSN 1800 when GE services are enabled for the board
In the NE Explorer, select the F2ELOM(STND) board. In the navigation tree, choose Configuration > Working Mode, and set Board Working Mode to 1*AP8 general mode.

Method for manually configuring cross-connections for port protection if dual feeding and selective receiving is configured on the WDM side
Dual feeding and selective receiving is implemented by cross-connections on the TOM board and intra-board 1+1 protection on the WDM side.

Access rate of a WDM-side port on the TMX board
The WDM-side signals of the TMX board are OTU2 signals, and the access rate is 10.71 Gbit/s.

Restrictions on optical port selection when the TN52TOM board receives four STM-16 services
You are advised to use the TX1/RX1, TX3/RX3, TX5/RX5, and TX7/RX7 optical ports of the TN52TOM board to facilitate fiber insertion and removal.

Whether the THA and TOA boards support tributary-line mode
No. The THA and TOA boards do not support tributary-line mode. Only the TOM board supports tributary-line mode.

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