Method used to determine whether the TOM board port that receives GE services is normal


You can query the RMON performance data of the port that receives GE services. If the sent and received data packets are normal, the port is normal.

Other related questions:
Service rate limit for GE services on the TOM board
The TOM board does not support port bandwidth limit. All OTN boards do not support this function. The function is supported only by the service boards that support the L2 processing capability, such as TEM28 and LEM24.

Method used to query the service cross-connection configurations of the TOM board
1. Select the NE in the NE Explorer, and choose Configuration > WDM Service Management from the navigation tree. 2. On the WDM Cross-Connection Configuration tab, click Query to view the cross-connection configuration of the corresponding board.

Whether the TOM board supports 10G services
The TOM board can receive services at the maximum rate of OTU1. It cannot receive services at the 10G rate.

Method used to determine whether the TN52TOM board properly transmits internal services
The Ethernet maintenance function provided by the TOM board can be used to determine whether the TOM board properly sends internal services based on the sent and received test frames.

Whether an LQM board can receive GE services
Yes, an LQM board can receive GE services.

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