Whether the TN11FAN board of the OSN 6800 can be replaced with a fan of another model


No, other fans cannot be used to replace the TN11FAN board. The hardware models must be consistent during hardware replacement.

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Whether the TN11AUX02 board can replace the TN11AUX01 board on OSN 6800 devices

Whether an ST2 board and SC2 board can be interconnected on an OSN 6800
It is not recommended that ST2 and SC2 boards be interconnected because they have different rates and encoding formats (CIM used by the SC2 board and FEC used by the ST2 board). SC1 and SC2 boards use the same rate and encoding format, and therefore can be interconnected.

Whether the TN54TOA board can be configured in the OptiX OSN 6800?
No, it cannot. The TOA board can be configured only in the OptiX OSN 8800.

Whether OSN 6800 boards can be used in the BWS 1600G
No NG WDM board can be used in the BWS 1600G.

Whether it is feasible to replace OBU in the OSN 6800 with OAU
OAU boards have greater gain than OBU boards. Replacing OBU with OAU will increase the line gain. Large gain, however, will introduce noises. Therefore, the replacement is not recommended. You are advised to use Huawei professional WDM network optimization service to evaluate the entire network performance before determining a replacement solution.

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