Whether there is a dedicated tester to test GE services of WDM equipment


Yes, the SMART Bits tester can be used for the test.

Other related questions:
Dustproof requirements for WDM equipment
The operating environment requirements of WDM equipment must comply with IEC 60529 (Degrees of protection provided by enclosures).

Whether MPLS tunnels can be dynamically created for WDM equipment
Currently, MPLS tunnels cannot be dynamically created for WDM equipment.

Difference between conventional WDM equipment and OTN equipment
Both of them use the DWDM technology. The difference between them lies in that OTN equipment can achieve electrical cross-connection scheduling for various types of services.

Delay for Internet services traversing WDM equipment
It is estimated that a delay of 200 us will be introduced when Internet services traverse each device, and the service multiplexing/demultiplexing on the boards at the transmission ends takes approximately 1 ms. The specific delay needs to be obtained based on the live-network test result.

Whether WDM devices support VPN services
WDM devices support multiple types of VPN services and multiple solutions are available to achieve the support for VPN services.

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