Maximum wavelength offset of an 80-wavelength OSN 6800 system


Based on the nominal operating wavelength, the wavelength offset of an 80-wavelength OSN 6800 system must be within ±0.08 nm.

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Excessively large wavelength deviation reported by the WMU boards of OSN 6800
Question: The LSX boards with adjustable DRZ reported the WAVE_LEN_OVER alarm, whereas the ones with NRZ fixed wavelengths did not report the alarm. When an optical spectrum analyzer was used for wavelength testing, the wavelength deviations are within the allowed range. No excessively large wavelength deviation is detected. (OSN 6800 NE version, NMS version T2000V2R6) Root cause: None Answer. The wavelengths from the light source of the DRZ adjustable optical modules are controlled by the core temperature without human interference. Wavelength deviation adjustment should not be performed by the software to such modules. V100R003C02B028 does not monitor adjustable optical modules for wavelength deviation, and the deviation threshold was changed from 0.5 GHz to 5 GHz.

16-wavelength and 8-wavelength CWDM systems
Huawei NG WDM products support only 8-wavelength CWDM systems, but some optical-layer boards such as CMR2 and CMR4 support access of up to 16 wavelengths. Among the 16 wavelengths, eight are provided by NG WDM products and the other eight are provided by third-party equipment.

Nominal single-wavelength incident optical power of an 80-wavelength system
The nominal single-wavelength incident optical power is 1 dBm for an 80-wavelength system.

Maximum number of wavelengths that a MUX/DEMUX board can process in the OSN 6800
A maximum of 80 wavelengths can be processed by the ITL board. The ITL board multiplexes 40 odd wavelengths and 40 even wavelengths of M40 boards into 80 wavelengths, and then demultiplexes the 80 wavelengths into 40 odd wavelengths and 40 even wavelengths and sends the wavelengths to D40 boards.

Nominal single-wavelength input optical power of the OSN 6800 HBA board in a 40-wavelength system
The nominal single-wavelength input optical power of the HBA board in the OSN 6800 is as follows: -22 dBm (in an 80-wavelength system) -19 dBm (in a 40-wavelength system) -13 dBm (in a 10-wavelength system)

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