Indication when the SRV indicator on the TOM board is red


The SRV indicator is a service alarm indicator. The indicator status is described as follows:
On (green): The service is normal.
On (red): A critical or major service alarm is present.
On (yellow): A minor or remote service alarm is present.
Off: No service is configured.

Other related questions:
Why is the RUN indicator red
The device temperature exceeds the temperature alarm threshold or the fan is faulty. The PoE-support switches have a PWR indicator. If the PWR indicator is red, power supply is faulty. NOTE: Run the display environment command to view the temperature alarm threshold and the current temperature. Run the display fan verbose command to view the fan operating status. Run the display device command to view the power supply status.

Indication of the red alarm indicator on the Metro 1000
If the alarm indicator on the Metro 1000 is steady red, a critical alarm is generated. You need to check it on the NMS.

Indication of the black arrow in a red circle on an NE
If a black arrow is displayed in a red circle on an NE, the NMS-side data and NE-side data are inconsistent and they must be synchronized.

Server red indicator on
If a server indicator is red, an alarm occurred. For details about the meanings of indicators of a specific server model, type the question in the format of "Product model + Indicator name + Status", for example, "RH2288 V3 HLY Blinking red."

Why does the indicator on the VPC500S blink red after startup? The fault cannot be rectified after reconnecting the power supply.
Generally, a hardware fault occurs when the status indicator of the camera is red. You need to return the camera for repair. For details, dial 4008229999 to contact TAC engineers.

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