Possible causes for the CHAN_ADD alarm on the MCA board of the OSN 6800/8800


The CHAN_ADD alarm indicates that single-wavelength signals are added. This alarm is generated when the MCA board detects wavelength addition after it scans the optical spectrum.
The possible causes of the CHAN_ADD alarm are as follows:
1. The configurations for wavelength monitoring are incorrect. The received wavelengths are not configured as the monitored wavelengths.
2. The MCA board is faulty.
The procedure for handling the CHAN_ADD alarm is as follows:
1. On the U2000, check whether the configurations for wavelength monitoring of the MCA board are incorrect. If the configurations are incorrect, modify the configurations to ensure that the monitored wavelengths and the number of monitored wavelengths are consistent with the received wavelengths and the number of received wavelengths.
2. If the alarm persists, test the optical spectrum data of the input optical signals using an optical spectrum analyzer. If the data is normal, the optical spectrum analyzer module of the MCA board may be faulty. When this occurs, replace the MCA board.

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