Method used to back up the power supply for the OSN 6800


Two PIU boards supply power to the system in hot backup mode. When either of the two PIU boards becomes faulty, the subrack can still function properly.

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Method used to back up data on the USG6000
The methods used for backing up configuration content and restoring the configuration are as follows: 1. Back up and restore profiles using the FTP, SFTP, and TFTP servers (recommended). This method is applicable to the situation in which a large number of devices are maintained in a centralized manner. 2. If the device serves as an FTP server, you can configure the FTP server function for configuration backup and restoration without configuring FTP software. Open FTP ports cause certain potential security risks. 3. Back up the profiles on the storage server. The operation is simple and does not require other software. If the data is backed up on the same storage media, the primary and backup profiles may be damaged simultaneously. 4. The configuration data backup and restoration on the web UI is simple. You need to configure the web login in advance.

Method used to query the optical power of a board on the OSN 6800
Based on the signal flow, locate the board for which you want to query its optical power. Navigate to the NE Explorer, select the board, and choose Configuration > Optical Power Management. In the window that is displayed, you can view the transmit and receive optical power values of the board.

Power supply requirements of the OSN 6800 subracks
Standard operating voltage: �?8 V to �?0 V DC Operating voltage range: �?8 V DC: �?0 V to �?7.6 V �?0 V DC: �?8 V to �?2 V Rated current (�?8 V): 25 A

Method used to configure the power supply pool for the OSN 9800
The OSN 9800 uses power supply pools to achieve load-based flexible power distribution. The power load at the initial network construction stage usually differs from that at the network expansion stage. Flexible power distribution allows you to flexibly configure the rated input current based on the power loads, which achieves power supply expansion without service interruption.

Whether the OSN 6800 records power insufficiency of the external power supply
If the external power supply of the OSN 6800 has insufficient power, the voltage usually drops. You can determine whether the power is insufficient by checking for power abnormality alarms on the NE.

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