Whether the channel diagram can indicate the usage of WDM board channels


Yes. The channel diagram shows the usage of board channels in different colors. A channel in gray is not used yet and a channel in green has services configured.

Other related questions:
What is a fractional channelized board
Currently, the fractional channelized board refers to the 1E1T1-F/2E1T1-F/4E1T1-F/8E1T1-F board. The 1E1T1-F/2E1T1-F/4E1T1-F/8E1T1-F board line contains 32 timeslots that are numbered from 0 to 31. In fractional channelized mode, timeslot 0 is used to transmit synchronous information, and other timeslots can be bundled into a channel set.

Whether LOG boards can work with OLP boards to form protection between different channels
Yes. LOG boards can work with OLP boards to form extended intra-board 1+1 protection or client 1+1 protection.

Whether the MCA4 board monitors multiple channels concurrently
The MCA4 board uses the 1x4 optical switch and can monitor the wavelength, optical power, and OSNR of only one channel of signals.

Whether services on the protection channel of an intra-board 1+1 protection group can be manually switched to the working channel
Sure. Intra-board 1+1 protection is generally unidirectional and non-revertive. Therefore, services need to be manually switched back to the working channel when the working channel is normal.

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