Whether the OSN 6800 inserts LCK signals


When LCK insertion is enabled, the service boards on the OSN 6800 will stop sending client-side signals and they will insert LCK signals to the WDM side. When this occurs, an ODUk_PM_LCK alarm will be reported on the downstream board. When LCK insertion is disabled, no LCK signals will be inserted.

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Removal and re-insertion of a fan on OSN 6800
Remove two screws and then remove the fan. The offline duration of a fan cannot exceed 3 minutes.

Application scenario of the LCK insertion function
The LCK insertion function is provided for users to lock channels. You can determine whether to enable the LCK insertion function as required. When the LCK insertion function is enabled, client-side signal transmission is stopped and LCK signals are inserted to the WDM side. If LCK insertion is enabled for the upstream board, the ODUk_PM_LCK alarm will occur on the downstream board. When TCMn monitoring is enabled for the downstream board, the ODUk_TCMn_LCK alarm will also be reported.

Fiber connections of the OBU board on an OSN 6800
Fiber connections of the OBU board on an OSN 6800 are as follows: The TC port of the FIU board is connected to the VI port of the OBU board. The VO and IN ports of the OBU board are connected. The OUT port of the OBU board is connected to the IN port of the D40 board.

Impact if the ST2 board of the OSN 8800 is inserted into an extended OSN 6800 subrack due to insufficient slot resources
Normal optical monitoring can be implemented, but the IEEE 1588v2 feature is affected. In general, no STG board is required on the OSN 6800. If the IEEE 1588v2 function is required, STG boards need to be configured on the OSN 6800.

OptiX OSN 6800
The OptiX OSN 6800 intelligent optical transport platform (OptiX OSN 6800 for short) is a new-generation intelligent optical transport platform of Huawei. The OptiX OSN 6800 is a future-oriented product developed to address the trend towards IP-based long-haul backbone networks. It provides dynamic optical scheduling and flexible electrical scheduling. It features high integration and reliability, and supports multi-service transmission. OptiX OSN 6800 is applicable to longhaul backbone networks, regional backbone networks, local networks, the metro convergence layer, and the metro core layer.

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