Method used to adjust the working mode of the RAU board to the target value


If the RAU board is not in the gain locking mode before the commissioning, it automatically changes to the gain locking mode during the commissioning. After the commissioning is complete, if the gain of the RAU board cannot compensate for the line attenuation, you need to manually change the working mode of the RAU board to the maximum gain mode or the power locking mode. Then, manually adjust the optical power of the RAU board and that of the optical amplifier behind the RAU board to meet the system optical power requirement.

Other related questions:
How can I view the working mode of a board that supports switchover of the working mode
Run the display workmode command in any view to view the board working mode of a specified slot or all slots.

Method used to adjust the fan speed
In the NE Explorer, choose Configuration > Fan Attribute. In the right-hand pane, select Adjustable Speed in Fan Speed Mode. Then set Fan Speed Level as required. You are advised to select Auto Speed in Fan Speed Mode.

Method used to set the Ethernet working mode of a GE port on the TOA board
Ethernet Working Mode can be set to Auto-Negotiation or 1000M Full-Duplex. The default value is 1000M Full-Duplex. Auto-Negotiation can automatically determine the optimal working modes of the interconnected ports. This mode facilitates maintenance. Ethernet Working Mode is valid only when the service type is set to GE (TTT-GMP). The Ethernet working mode must be consistent with the setting for upstream services. Two ports that are mutually protected in active-standby mode must have the same Ethernet Working Mode setting.

Method used to adjust CT3000 resolution
You can adjust CT3000 resolution as follows: 1. Open the Control Center of CT3000 and select Display: 2. Select Optimum settings from the Settings tab page on the displayed window and the system will automatically detect the optimal resolution. Alternatively, you can set the resolution on the DVI or VGA tab page based on your requirements.

What is the work mode of the U1980 standby board?
The work modes of the active and standby boards of U1900 series are the same. The configuration data of the active and standby boards is synchronized automatically. If the versions of the active and standby boards are inconsistent, the configuration data cannot be synchronized. Two common board switchover scenarios are listed as follows: 1. The active board is faulty. 2. The active board is disconnected from the network. Removing the network cable leads to board switchover. In normal cases, at least one network cable is connected to the active and standby boards.

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