12OPM8 not available among OPM8 boards


Due to different marketing methods in and out of China, the same board has different names in the manuals.
In Chinese manuals the name is TN11OMCA, and in the English manuals the name is TN12OPM8.

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Software versions matching s boards
For the software versions and chassis supported by cards of S series switches, see "Hardware Description > Cards > Card model > Version Mapping". For the hardware description of the S9300 and S9300E, see S9300&S9300E Hardware Description. For the hardware description of the S7700, see S7700 Hardware Description. For the hardware description of the S9700, see S9700 Hardware Description. For the hardware description of the S12700, see S12700 Hardware Description. You can also use Hardware Query Tool to query software versions supported by specified cards.

How to view information about power supplies on S series switches
For S series switches (except S1700), run the display power command to view the power supply status. [HUAWEI] display power PowerID Online Mode State Current(A) Voltage(V) RealPwr(W) PWR1 Present AC NotSupply - - - PWR2 Present AC Supply 0.82 53.40 43.79 PWR3 Present AC Supply 0.97 53.51 51.90 PWR4 Present AC Supply 0.95 53.51 50.83 The State field indicates the power supply status. If the State displays NotSupply, the power module does not supply power. Check whether the power supply is installed properly or whether the power switch is turned on. Besides, you can run the display power system command on S series modular switches to check the power of each card and available power of the system. Before installing a switch or expanding the system capacity, decide whether the power capacity needs to be expanded according to the power consumption of the switch. [HUAWEI] display power system The total power supplied : 800.00(W) The maximum power needed : 797.00(W) The remain power : 3.00(W) The system rated power detail information : ------------------------------------------------- Slot BoardName State Power(W) ------------------------------------------------- 2 LPU board Lack 61.00 12 LPU board On 64.00 14 MPU board On 105.00 CMU1 CMU board On 1.00 CMU2 CMU board On 1.00 FAN1 FAN board On 43.00 FAN2 FAN board On 43.00 PWR1 PWR board On 800.00 The meanings of some fields are as follows: - The total power supplied: indicates the total power of the system. - The maximum power needed: indicates the maximum power required by the system. - The remaining power: indicates the available power of the system. - Power (W): indicates the power of each card.

FIU ports available for connection to the OSC board
An OSC board can be connected to the TM or RM port of an FIU board.

Availability of the synchronous Ethernet clock feature on the TOM board
The TOM board does not support the synchronous Ethernet clock or IEEE 1588 clock feature.

Functions of the OPM8 board
The OPM8 board provides eight ports, and each of the ports can monitor the optical power of up to 80 wavelengths.

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