Whether OTU1 services can be created by trail


According to the current product specifications, when the service type is OTUk at the source and sink, client OTUk trails cannot be managed in E2E mode, and OTUk services cannot be created by trail. Instead, they can be created manually by site.

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Resource sharing of associated services trails
For the resource sharing of trails, see User Guide > ASON User Guide > About the ASON > OTN ASON Feature > Resource Sharing of Trails. This topic describes the function, including the resource sharing of the working and protection trails of a diamond service and resource sharing of associated service trails. You can enable trail resource sharing on the NMS.

Whether OSN 9800 supports the OTU1 line rate
The 2.5G boards on OSN 9800 UPSs support the OTU1 line rate.

Whether transient packet loss is normal for IP RAN services carried on the protection trail during OLP switching
The OLP switching time is within 50 ms. During this short period, packet loss of the packet services carried on the protection channel is normal.

Reason of the failure to search out a trail for GE services on the TOA board when no logical cross-connection is created
In ANY_ODU0 mode, each IP port one-to-one maps an LP port on the TOA board. This ensures that services can be provisioned even when no cross-connection is configured. Client trails, however, are configured on the NMS. No client trail can be formed without cross-connections.

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