Whether OTN NEs support point-to-multipoint Ethernet services


Multiple boards, such as TEM28, LEM24, and LEX4, support point-to-multipoint aggregation of Ethernet services.

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Method used to configure IPSec between the headquarters and branches on the AR
Huawei AR routers support IPSec tunnel for implementing interconnection between the headquarters and branches. For details about the configuration, see IPSec under "Using VPN to Implement WAN Interconnection" in Typical Configuration Examples. The point-to-multipoint IPSec cases are as follows: - Example for Establishing Multiple IPSec Tunnels Between the Headquarters and Branches Using the IPSec Policy Template - Example for Configuring OSPF and GRE Over IPSec to Implement Communication Between the Branch and Headquarters - Example for Configuring GRE Over IPSec to Implement Communication Between the Branches and Headquarters and NAT to Implement Communication Between Branches (Running OSPF) - Example for Establishing IPSec over DSVPN Tunnels Between Hub and Spokes (Based on ACL) - Example for Establishing an IPSec Tunnel In Manual and IKE Negotiation Modes - Example for Configuring IPSec Reverse Route Injection

OSN 8800 NE resource grouping to OTN optical NEs
Select an optical NE. Right-click it and choose Attribute from the shortcut menu. Navigate to the Resource Division window. In the window, find the desired OptiX OSN 8800 NE from idle NEs and add the NE to the right-side box. Then click OK.

Whether OSN 8800 MPLS-TP supports encapsulation only of Ethernet services
Currently, the MPLS-TP protocol in OSN 8800 supports only encapsulation of Ethernet services and cannot encapsulate the MPLS label for SDH services.

Whether OTN equipment supports tangent ring networking
Yes, OTN equipment supports tangent ring networking.

How can I understand call logs displayed in the scenario where a point-to-point call converts into a multipoint conference?
For details, see .

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