OTN boards that involve traffic control parameters to communicate with datacom devices


LEM24, LEX24, and TEM28 boards support traffic control settings.

Other related questions:
Port use of DCP boards on OTN devices
One DCP board is equivalent to two OLP boards, and two protection groups can be configured for the DCP board.

Redundant range of an OTU board on an OTN device
The suggested redundant range is 10 km to 30 km.

Method used to clear the NE database of the system control board in OTN equipment
Set the jumper on the system control board to 1011.

Whether system control boards need to be involved to implement intra-board 1+1 protection on OLP boards
Yes, the system control boards need to be involved.

Whether the DCC channels of an SDH device can be disabled through OTU boards on an OTN device
GCC channels on OTU boards in OptiX OSN 6800 are electrical supervisory channels. The enable status of GCC channels does not adversely affect DCC byte transmission on an SDH NE.

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