Unable to use OSPF on Ethernet ports of EFI boards


The network ports of the EFI boards are used for communication between NEs and the NMS server. The communication is point-to-point. Therefore, it is unnecessary to use OSPF.

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Function of the Ethernet port on the system control board of Metro 1000
The Ethernet port on the Metro 1000 is adaptive to RJ-45 connectors and is used for NMS access management. The port rate is 10 Mbit/s or 100 Mbit/s.

FIU ports available for connection to the OSC board
An OSC board can be connected to the TM or RM port of an FIU board.

Functions of the EFI board
The EFI board provides the alarm output and cascading interfaces, network management interfaces, and inter-subrack communication interfaces.

Port on the EFI board of OptiX OSN 8800 that is connected to the NMS
The NM_ETH1 and NM_ETH2 ports on the EFI board are used to connect the NMS.

Method used to set the Ethernet working mode of a GE port on the TOA board
Ethernet Working Mode can be set to Auto-Negotiation or 1000M Full-Duplex. The default value is 1000M Full-Duplex. Auto-Negotiation can automatically determine the optimal working modes of the interconnected ports. This mode facilitates maintenance. Ethernet Working Mode is valid only when the service type is set to GE (TTT-GMP). The Ethernet working mode must be consistent with the setting for upstream services. Two ports that are mutually protected in active-standby mode must have the same Ethernet Working Mode setting.

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