The maximum number of protection groups that can be switched at the same time in common ODUk ring protection


Common ODUk ring protection supports the switchover of a maximum of six protection groups and a maximum of 16 nodes due to switching efficiency considerations.
At present, the committed protection switching time of common ODUk ring protection is within 50 ms. If more than 6 protection groups are configured, the protection switching efficiency will decrease and the protection switching time may exceed the threshold.
The restriction on the number of nodes (16) is intended to limit the fiber length so as to prevent the protection switching from exceeding the committed time.

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Msp ring switch to protection theroy
After half time slot on the fiber (channel) protection before half time slot on the fiber channel (work), the rearrangement of fault point on both ends of the bridge, through network elements among them, the business flow to traverse the whole ring

ODUk SNCP protection switching conditions
ODUk SNCP is classified into SNC/I, SNC/N, and SNC/S. The difference between the three protection schemes lies in that they have different monitoring capabilities and therefore have different trigger conditions.

Relationship between the switching detection time of ODUK SNCP protection and a fast SD protection switching condition
The switching detection time (unit: 10 ms) described in the product documentation is used in cascading scenarios. The SD enable status for protection determines whether protection switching is triggered when an SD condition is detected. Fast SD protection switching is based on bit errors and implemented by setting the DEG detection time window (ms) of the SM overhead.

Function of ODUk SPRing protection
ODUk SPRing protection uses a bidirectional switching mechanism. Since the services are bidirectional, a total of four trails are required. To be specific, two trails (working and protection trails) are configured in each direction of the services. When the working trail of a service fails, the service is switched to the protection trail. If the protection trail also fails, the service is interrupted.

Switching time of ODUk SNCP protection
The switching time of ODUk SNCP protection cannot exceed 50 ms, excluding the detection time.

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