Whether TN12NS2 and TN52NS2 can replace each other


The new boards of OSN 6800 V100R007C02 include TN52NS2T05, TN52NS2T06, TN52NS2T01, TN52NS2M01, and TN52NS2M02.
TN52NS2T01 and TN52NS2M02 can replace the TN12NS2 boards.

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Replacement of optical modules with different channel spacings for 1600G devices
Question: WDM-side optical modules of the OTU boards on 1600G devices come in two types: 50 GHz and 100 GHz channel spacing ones. Can these two types of optical modules with the same frequency and rate replace each other? Analysis: The differences between the two types of optical modules are as follows: 1. Modules in a 50 GHz spacing system have high requirements on wavelength stability. A wavelength locker is integrated in a module, whereas the modules in a 100 GHz spacing system have no wavelength locker. 2. These two types of modules have different dispersion tolerances. The 50 GHz type has a dispersion tolerance of 1500 ps/nm, whereas the 100 GHz type has that of 800 ps/nm. However, with the improvement in processing techniques, the difference in dispersion tolerances will become smaller and smaller. Answer: 1. The 100 GHz modules should not be used to replace the 50 GHz modules on the OTU boards. 2. The 50 GHz modules can be used to replace the 100 GHz modules. However considering different types of optical modules on the entire network, you are advised to replace modules with the same type modules.

Whether the TN12LSX and TN13LSX boards can be interconnected with each other
The TN12LSX board supports FEC or AFEC while the TN13LSX board supports FEC or AFEC-2. The TN12LSX board in AFEC mode cannot be interconnected with the TN13LSX board in AFEC-2 mode. The two boards can be interconnected only when the FEC types of the boards are both set to FEC. Alternatively, if the FEC working status of the board is disabled, the board can also be interconnected.

Whether LOG and TOG can be interconnected with each other
No, they cannot.

Can Subnets Communicate with Each Other?

Subnets belong to VPCs. Subnets in the same VPC can communicate with each other. Subnets in different VPCs cannot communicate with each other by default. However, you can create VPC peering connections to enable subnets in different VPCs to communicate with each other.

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