Setting the wavelengths for ND2 boards


In the NE Explorer of the U2000, select the target ND2 board and choose Configuration > WDM Interface from the Function Tree to configure the wavelengths.

Other related questions:
Method for determining whether the wavelength of the TN53ND2 board is tunable
Query board manufacturer information and check the description of the module. "Tunable" indicates that the wavelength of the optical module is tunable.

Method used to set the wavelength to be monitored by the MCA board
In the NE Explorer, click the desired MCA board and choose Configuration > WDM Interface from the navigation tree. In the pane on the right, click By Board/Port(Channel), and select Monitor Wavelength from the drop-down list.

Methods for setting the working wavelength of an LWC board
The :ptp:Hexbid,b3,PP,YY;Hexbid represents the hexadecimal slot number. PP indicates the channel ID, which is 1 except the LWMR number, which ranges from 1 to 2. YY indicates the 320G wavelength number that ranges from 0x15 to 0x64.

Whether regeneration is supported on ND2 boards
ND2 boards can regenerate one channel of OTU2/OTU2e signals in both directions.

Whether an ND2 board can be used as the regeneration board for the LSX board
The WDM-side signals of the TN11LSX/TN12LSX board can be regenerated using another TN11LSXR board. The WDM-side signals of the TN13LSX/TN14LSX board can be regenerated using the TN12ND2/TN52ND2/TN53ND2/TN57ND2/TN55NO2/TN55NH2/TN53NQ2/TN54NQ2/TN57NQ2 board.

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