Whether the MCA4 board monitors multiple channels concurrently


The MCA4 board uses the 1x4 optical switch and can monitor the wavelength, optical power, and OSNR of only one channel of signals.

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Support for multi-channel signal monitoring by MCA4 boards
The MCA4 board uses a 1 x 4 optical switch, and therefore can monitor the information about one signal, including the wavelength information, optical power, and OSNR.

Whether an SC2 board can concurrently process OSC signals and ESC signals
Processing for OSC signals is different from that for ESC signals. An SC2 board concurrently processes two OSC signals of different directions, transits and exacts the system overhead, and sends the signals to the SCC board. OSC signals occupy a dedicated wavelength for transmitting monitoring and OAM information. Transmission of ESC signals does not require dedicated monitoring units such as SC2. The ESC signals and service information are carried over the same wavelength, which does not require extra wavelength resources.

Does an automatically cascaded conference on the SMC2.0 use a single channel or multiple channels by default?
An automatically cascaded conference on the SMC2.0 uses three channels if a tri-screen telepresence participant exists. Otherwise, the conference uses a single channel.

Can a DEC6001 output multiple channels of video
The BNC port can output a single channel of video. Either the VGA or HDMI port can be used to output four channels of D1 video. To output four channels of 720p video, upgrade the device to SPC300.

Whether eSight could monitor the occupation rate of U1900 SIP channel
eSight cannot monitor the SIP channel occupation of U1900

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