Components of an ASON system


According to ITU-T recommendations, an ASON system is made up of three parts: control plane, management plane, and transmission plane. The management plane refers to the U2000 system, the control plane includes a WDM network, and the control plane carries the ASON software.

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Components of the electromechanical system of the OSN 9500
The electromechanical system of the OSN 9500 is composed of: Two PIU boards Two fan boards and fan trays One PBU board One EMPU board MBUS system

Associated services with different sources in ASON systems
Associated services with different sources can survive a single-point hardware failure but are difficult to maintain. Therefore, you are not advised to configure such services.

Rerouting rules of Huawei WDM/OTN ASON systems
Through traffic engineering, a WDM/OTN ASON network has various rerouting constrains: 1. Constraints on explicit network resources: explicit nodes, links, wavelengths, and channels 2. Constraints on excluded network resources: excluded nodes and links 3. Limitation on the quantity of nodes (or hops) traversed by a strict route or service 4. Limitation on the reach of an optical fiber carrying services, loading sharing mode, SRLGs, and associated services 5. Combinations of the preceding constraints

Definitions of the I component and Q component in a coherent transmission system
During QPSK modulation, the two code elements (0 and 1) of two 28 Gbit/s binary signals are separately modulated. The first channel of optical signal is called the inphase component (or I component), and the second channel is called the quadrature component (or Q component).

What are the components of an RP100-55 system?
RP100-55 system components: Standard RP100-55: HD camera VPC620, core codec VP9039S, IDB55-B (built-in speaker), assembly components (including IDB rack, equipment cabinet, and multifunctional socket), microphone M210, customized 5-port PDU, wireless mouse and keyboard, and TB201 interface box

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