Whether OSN 9800 supports the OTU1 line rate


The 2.5G boards on OSN 9800 UPSs support the OTU1 line rate.

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Support for the hybrid networking of OSN 9800 and OSN 8800 electrical subracks
OSN 8800 and OSN 9800 electrical subracks can be used on the same network. On network nodes, OSN 9800 electrical subracks can be used together with the existing OSN 8800 optical and electrical subracks to expand the electrical-layer capacity of the network nodes.

Whether N402 and T302 boards on an OSN 9800 support IEEE 1588v2
N402 and T302 boards do not support IEEE 1588v2.

Whether the OSN 6800/8800/9800 support latency measurement
The OSN 6800/8800/9800 supports latency measurement. Note that not all boards support latency measurement. For details, see "Functions and Features" descriptions of the board in Hardware Description.

Whether OSN 9800 supports L2 functions
V100R001C00 of OSN 9800 does not support L2 functions, whereas V100R001C00 does.

Networking of the OSN 9800
The OSN 9800 applies to the backbone layer and core layer. It can interwork with the OSN 8800/1800 to form an E2E OTN network, which can be managed uniformly.

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