Are packets in a bridge group forwarded at Layer 2 or Layer 3


Packets in a bridge group are forwarded at Layer 2. Only interfaces supporting Layer 3 functions can be added to a bridge. Data in a bridge, however, is forwarded at Layer 2.

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Does a bridge group on an AR router forward packets in Layer 2 or Layer 3

A bridge group on an AR router forwards packets in Layer 2.
Only interfaces with Layer-3 functions can be added to a bridge. However, a bridge forwards data in Layer 2.

Whether the firewall supports Layer 2 or Layer 3 forwarding
The USG2000&5000&6000 support implementing the Layer 2 forwarding function in transparent mode. When the firewall implements route-based forwarding, the Layer 3 forwarding function is used.

Configuring Layer 2/Layer 3 switchover on the firewall
Perform as follows to configure Layer 2/Layer 3 interface switching on the USG2000&5000&6000: system-view [USG] interface GigabitEthernet 1/0/1 [USG-GigabitEthernet1/0/1] undo portswitch //Switch the interface from Layer 2 mode to Layer 3 mode. [USG-GigabitEthernet1/0/1] portswitch //Switch the interface from Layer 3 to Layer 2. Note: 1. If the device interface attribute specifies that the interface is a Layer 2 interface, the interface cannot be switched to Layer 3 mode. This command applies only to interfaces that support Layer 2/Layer 3 switching. 2. When you use this command to perform Layer 2/Layer 3 mode switching, the interface can contain only the attribute information (such as shutdown and description configurations) so that the mode switching can take effect. If the interface already has service configurations (such as port link-type trunk), clear all these configurations of the interface and then run this command.

Can an S series switch accurately forward multicast data packets if only Layer 3 multicast is configured
For S series switches, Layer 3 multicast protocols can identify only Layer 3 VLANIF interfaces. If only Layer 3 multicast is configured and Layer 2 multicast is not enabled, multicast data is replicated on a VLANIF interface and broadcast in the corresponding VLAN, but cannot be forwarded to an accurate physical interface. When Layer 2 multicast is enabled in the VLAN corresponding to the VLANIF interface, multicast data can be accurately forwarded through a Layer 2 interface.

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