OSN 8800 not supporting SDH ASON


SDH ASON is called OCS ASON in OSN 8800.

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Differences between an ASON network and a common SDH network
Differences between an ASON network and a common SDH network: In an ASON network, services are classified into several protection levels including diamond, gold, silver, copper and iron. The protection level can be enhanced and the service rerouting function is added in an ASON network. As a result, the actual bandwidth utilization of an ASON network is higher than 50%. A common network does not have the rerouting function.

TE link status settings for SDH ASON services on OSN 8800
The TE link status of SDH ASON services on OSN 8800 cannot be set to the Maintain state.

Whether the TDX board on the OSN 8800 can be interconnected with the SL64 board on an NG SDH NE
Yes, the two boards can be interconnected through STM-64 optical ports.

Restriction on the types and quantity of OSN 8800 NEs on an ASON network
For an OCS ASON (also SDH ASON) or OTN ASON network that is equipped with OSN 8800 of version V100R007C02 or later, the number of electrical subracks cannot exceed 150 equivalent OSN 8800 T32 subracks (75 OSN 8800 T64 subracks, or 300 OSN 8800 T16 subracks).

Whether SDH boards can be used in an OSN 8800 slave subrack
SDH boards can be used only in an independent OSN 8800 subrack, but cannot be used in a subrack in master-slave mode.

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