Method used to clear the NE database of the system control board in OTN equipment


Set the jumper on the system control board to 1011.

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Latency measurement supported by some boards on OTN equipment
To support the latency measurement function, the specified NMS license must be available. In addition, not all boards support the online latency measurement function. The following lists R007C02SPC300 boards that support online latency monitoring: 1. 2.5G tributary boards: TN54TOA, TN54THA, and TN54TOG 2. 10G tributary boards: TN57TOA, TN53TQX, TN53TDX, TN55TQX, TN57TQX, TN55TOX, and TN54TTX 3. 10G OTU boards: TN11LOA and TN14LSX 4. 100G tributary boards: TN54TSC

Methods used to set the suppression for OTN NE alarms and query the alarms using command lines
The query command is as follows: alm-cfg-get-monstate: alarm name, 0xff,0,0,'''' For example, by running the alm-cfg-get-monstate:R_LOS,0xff,0,0,''' command, you can query the states of all ports that can report the R_LOS alarm on an NE. The query result is enable or disable. The setting command is as follows: :alm-cfg-set-monstate: alarm name, disable/enable,0xff,0,0,'''' For example, by running the alm-cfg-set-monstate: R_LOS,disable,0xff,0,0,'''' command, you can suppress all the NE ports that report the R_LOS alarm.

Method to clear the parameter settings and database of the system control board in a slave subrack using jumpers or DIP switches
The method for clearing parameter settings and database data on the system control board in a slave subrack is the same as that in the master subrack. For details, see the related topic in the product documentation.

Method to query the wavelength information of a line board on WDM/OTN equipment
In the NE Explorer, select the target board and choose Configuration > WDM Interface from the navigation tree. On the Advanced Attribute tab, wavelength information is displayed.

Method used to determine whether database clearance starts or ends on the system control board for the OSN 8800/6800/3800
In versions earlier than the OSN 8800/6800/3800 V100R006C03, there is no indicator blinking. Therefore, you need to clear the database at a specific time. Specifically, insert the spare part into the original slot and wait 2 minutes so that the database clearance is complete. For the OSN 8800/6800/3800 V100R006C03 and later versions, the STAT indicates the database clearance progress. To be specific, database clearance starts when the STAT indicator is quickly blinking green and ends when the STAT indicator is steady green.

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