Modulation formats used by 10G boards such as LOG


The modulation formats used by 10G boards include NRZ, RZ, and ODB, depending on the optical modules that are used on the boards.

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Log formats supported by the USG6000 series
The USG6000 supports outputting binary logs and syslogs.

Support for 10G POS services of the TN52TQX board in OptiX OSN 6800
Yes, it does. The TQX board supports 10GE LAN, 10GE WAN, and STM-64 (corresponding to 10G POS) services.

Whether the TOM board supports 10G services
The TOM board can receive services at the maximum rate of OTU1. It cannot receive services at the 10G rate.

Whether a 10G optical module can be used on the TOM board to transmit 2.5G services
The TOM board supports optical modules at a maximum rate of 2.5G. It does not support 10G optical modules.

E9000 connection by using SOL
The E9000 server can connect to compute nodes and switch modules in the chassis by using the SOL function provided by the MM910, facilitating remote maintenance. For details, visit the following link:

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