Whether the MCA802 board supports OSNR detection of 100G systems


The TN11MCA802 board can scan the OSNR of a 100G system when it works with the license of the intelligent wavelength monitoring management system and configures the functions of the OD.

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Detection of the OSNR of a 40G or 100G system using the traditional OSNR detection method
The optical spectrum of 40G or 100G signals is wider than that of 10G signals. Therefore, the signal spectra of adjacent channels overlap each other. The channel noise includes not only the ASE noise but also the power crosstalk of some signals. Therefore, the OSNR tested using the traditional OSA method is less than the actual OSNR. The traditional OSA method is implemented based on the interpolation of inter-channel noise that is equivalent to in-band noise. The traditional OSNR detection methods, including the scanning method and the integral method, have the following disadvantages: Scanning method: applicable only to a system with a 100G channel spacing and without traversing an OEQ node. The detection results have a low precision. Integral method: When there are a few wavelengths, turning on or off the lasers will cause noise power fluctuation and therefore affect the detection accuracy. In addition, the noise power cannot be measured by turning on or off the laser when there is only one wavelength.

Whether an FIU board on an OSN 1800 supports optical power detection
A TNF2FIU board on OSN 1800 V100R005C00SPC200 supports optical power detection.

Whether 100G WDM equipment can use the OTDR to detect fiber cuts
If the user has not logged in to the device, check whether the line OTDR breakpoint detection function is enabled for the 100G systems of the OSN 9600 and OSN 8800. The OSN 8800 is used as an example here. The OSN 8800 supports the fiber doctor (FD) since V100R009. This function requires the TN12ST2 and TN13FIU boards, and U2000 license, and MDS 6630. The U2000 license supports the control item of this function.

Whether DCMs need to be configured in a 100G coherent system
No. OTU boards uniformly compensate for accumulated fiber dispersion at the receive end using specific algorithms, eliminating the need of DCMs for dispersion compensation. This simplifies network design and saves some space in equipment rooms.

Whether the OSN 8800 supports 100G boards
Yes, the OSN 8800 supports 100G boards such as LSC and LTX.

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