Method used to draw a WDM wavelength allocation diagram


A wavelength allocation diagram must include the following information: NE names, board mapping, and wavelength numbers. Wavelengths are illustrated using fiber connections. The diagram can be an Excel or PPT file.

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Methods used to determine the board wavelengths according to the barcode of the wavelength conversion board
The first five digits in the feature code of a fixed-wavelength OTU board indicate the wavelength. For example, 19300 indicates 193.00 THz.

Method to query the wavelength information of a line board on WDM/OTN equipment
In the NE Explorer, select the target board and choose Configuration > WDM Interface from the navigation tree. On the Advanced Attribute tab, wavelength information is displayed.

Whether there is any method used to monitor the quality of services carried over wavelengths in a WDM system
An OSA can be used to monitor the physical performance of single wavelengths in a WDM system. The performance of service signals carried over wavelengths, however, cannot be monitored.

Method used to identify whether the WDM-side optical module of the ND2 board in OptiX OSN 8800 is wavelength tunable
The board with "T" included in the BOM code is wavelength-tunable.

Method of using Huawei Storage Networking Assistant to customize the networking diagram
The method of using Huawei Storage Networking Assistant to customize the networking diagram is as follows: 1. On the Huawei Storage Networking Assistant page, click Customize, and then click the corresponding tab based on the product model. 2. Fill in the configuration information on the page. 3. Click Submit. It is recommended that the configuration list of the corresponding site be sent as an attachment when the configuration information is submitted, so that the personnel of the networking assistant can better understand the project configuration information and improve the efficiency of drawing and returning the diagram. When the configuration information is complete, you can receive the customized networking diagram within two workdays.

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