Whether the TN52TDX board support physical-layer clocks


The TN52TDX board supports the transparent transmission of synchronous Ethernet (physical-layer clocks) when receiving 10GE LAN services in the Bit Transparent Mapping (11.1 G) mode.

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Transmission of synchronous Ethernet clock signals on the TN52TDX board
In bit transparent transmission mode, client 10GE LAN services are directly mapped to OTU2 frames. Then the OTU2 frame frequency is increased to transmit signals. The rate is 11.1 Gbit/s, which is higher than the standard rate of OTU2 signals. In this case, the processing clock is the service tracing clock, and the speedup mode is configured for cross-connections, implementing transparent clock transmission.

Whether the TN52TDX board can transmit synchronous Ethernet clock signals
The 10GE LAN bit transparent transmission mode can directly map client services into OTU2 frames. Signals are transmitted by increasing the OTU2 frame frequency, and its rate is 11.1 Gbit/s, which is higher than the rate of standard OTU2 signals. In this transmission mode, service clocks are traced as clock sources, the line rate is configured to the speedup mode, and service clocks are transparently transmitted.

Physical-layer clock synchronization
Physical-layer clock synchronization is a method of recovering clock frequencies from physical signals. The purpose is to achieve frequency synchronization between upstream and downstream devices so that services are transmitted properly. When an OTN network transmits clock synchronization signals, these signals can be obtained by SDH and PTN networks. No separate BITS clock source needs to be provided for the SDH or PTN network. In this way, network-wide clock synchronization is achieved.

OSN 8800 boards that support physical-layer clock signals
All boards of the OSN 8800 support the following operations on physical-layer clock signals: external frequency source access and internal frequency source transmission.

Whether the TN52TDX board supports ODU1 cross-connections
The TN52TDX board supports only ODU2 cross-connections.

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