Reason why the working mode of the TN54NS4 and TN55NO2 boards cannot be specified on the NMS


The working mode can be specified only after the TN54NS4 or TN55NO2 board is added as 54NS4(REG) or 55NO2(REG) on the NMS.

Other related questions:
Reason why some optical interfaces of the TD20 board are not displayed on the NMS
These optical interfaces are internal virtual ports of the TD20 board. They are annotated in the Product Documentation.

Cause why the Ethernet working mode of the TOA board cannot be set to 1000 M and auto-negotiation mode
The Ethernet working mode of the TOA board is valid only when the service type is GE(TTT-GMP). It can be set if the service type is set to GE(GFP-T).

DAS1 boards cannot be configured at an OLA site
1. A built-in FIU is configured on the DAS1 board and an extra FIU board must also be configured for the OLA site. The configuration is asymmetric. 2. The DAS1 board has only one variant (OAU101), and therefore cannot meet the flexible configuration requirements of OLA sites.

Reason why the RAU1 or RAU2 boards must work with the TN14FIU board
The TN14FIU board retains only C-band noises, so that the RAU1 or RAU2 boards perform gain control more precisely. The FIU boards connected to the SYS and IN ports on the RAU1 or RAU2 boards working in gain mode must be TN14FIU boards.

Reason why the laser on the RAU board cannot be turned on
The possible causes are as follows: 1. The fiber return loss exceeds the threshold. 2. The IPA is not configured. 3. When the network becomes faulty, IPA is triggered and the laser is shut down.

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