Whether the OSN 8800 provides 10G SFP optical modules supporting a maximum of 40 km transmission distance


No. All 10G optical modules intended for Huawei WDM transport equipment are encapsulated using XFP, and the rates of all SFP optical modules are 2.5 Gbit/s or lower.

Other related questions:
Theoretically maximum single-span transmission distance (km) of the OSN 8800
The maximum transmission distance of a single span of the OSN 8800 is 1 x 81 dB.

Whether the optical module of the OSN 8800 ST2 board is pluggable
The ST2 board supports the 1511 nm or 1491 nm pluggable optical module.

Whether OptiX OSN 8800 supports 10G boards
Yes. 10G OTU boards, tributary boards, and line boards are all available in OptiX OSN 8800.

Transmission distance and receive optical power range of a TOM board on OSN 6800
The transmission distances of a TOM board on OSN 6800 can be 10 km, 40 km, and 80 km. The receive optical power range is �? to �?0 dB.

Whether client-side GE services support a transmission distance of 120 km
No. The client-side optical modules for GE services support a maximum transmission distance of 80 km. No optical module is available to support a transmission distance of 120 km.

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