Barcodes required to apply for spare WDM boards


To apply for spare WDM boards, ensure that you have obtained the board BOM numbers, board barcodes, optical module barcodes, and board ATO barcodes.

Other related questions:
Dustproof requirements for WDM equipment
The operating environment requirements of WDM equipment must comply with IEC 60529 (Degrees of protection provided by enclosures).

Requirement for a WDM board to receive STM-4 services and service boards supporting STM-4 services
To receive STM-4 services, the WDM board must support STM-4 services. The following service boards support STM-4 services: LDM, LQM, TOA, THA, TOM, TQM, and LOA.

Applying for server spare parts
Please dial the Huawei hot line 400-822-9999 to confirm whether the faulty part needs to be replaced. If replacement is required, Huawei engineers will help you submit an order. Obtain the server SN before you make the call.

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