Method used to interconnect services on the TDX board and NS2 board


Cross-connections are configured between the two boards to groom services in between.

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Service interconnection between TOA and TOG boards
Services on the TOA board can be interconnected with those on the TOG board.

Whether services on the TOM board and TOA board can be interconnected
Yes, they can be interconnected on the OSN 8800 when the two boards have the same service type and mapping mode settings.

Whether the TDX board on the OSN 8800 can be interconnected with the SL64 board on an NG SDH NE
Yes, the two boards can be interconnected through STM-64 optical ports.

Method used to configure services on an LOA board
There are three methods of configuring services on the LOA board: 1. By site manually 2. Using service packages for the LOA board 3. By trail

Method used to configure services on the TN52TOM board
The procedure for configuring services on the TN52TOM board is as follows: 1. Configure the working mode of the TN52TOM board and the working mode of its ports. 2. Set the service type of its LP port. 3. Create a service from a physical port to an LP port. 4. Create a service from its LP port to a line board.

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