Difference between the function of the NM_ETH port and that of the ETH port on the TN11AUX board


1. The TN11AUX board uses the NM_ETH port to connect to the NMS server so that the NE where the board resides functions as a gateway NE, or uses this port to connect to another device to implement extended ECC communication.
2. The ETH port of the TN11AUX board can be used only to cascade subracks on the same NE.

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For S series switches: - A mirrored port is a monitored port. All the packets that pass through a mirrored port are copied to a port connected to a monitoring device. - An observing port is connected to a monitoring device and used to send packets from a mirrored port to the monitoring device.

Functions of ITL board ports
Functions of ITL board ports: TE: C_EVEN multiplexed signal RE: C_EVEN multiplexed signal TO: C_ODD multiplexed signal RO: C_ODD multiplexed signal

Difference between the LINE1 and LINE2 ports of the SFIU board
The LINE1 port of the SFIU board transmits main optical path signals as well as OSC signals, but the LINE2 port transmits only main optical path signals.

Optical power difference between the IN port of the D40 board and the OUT/MON port of the M40 board
The MON port of M40 board has 10 dB lower optical power than the IN port of the D40 board and the OUT port of the M40V board. The split ratio between the MON port and OUT port and that between the MON port and IN port are both 10:90. In other words, the optical power of the MON port is 10 dB lower than that of the IN port. The calculation formula is as follows: Optical power (dBm) of the IN port �?Optical power (dBm) of the MON port = 10 x lg(90/10) = 10 dB.

Difference between the IN/OUT ports and TX/RX ports on an OTU board
The IN/OUT port of an OTU board is the WDM-side port for connecting to a MUX/DEMUX board, while the TX/RX port is the client-side port for connecting to access equipment.

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