E2E service management solution provided by Huawei WDM products


Huawei WDM products use diversified ITU-T G.709-compliant OTN overheads to achieve transparent transmission of client services, and provide the forward error correction (FEC) capability. During network runtime, WDM products work with the NMS to implement E2E service monitoring and management, facilitating fault diagnosis.

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Product series of the WDM product family
Huawei WDM/OTN series end-to-end intelligent optical transport platforms are applicable to the backbone core layer, metro core layer, metro convergence layer, and metro edge access layer. These series platforms support universal switching and flexible grooming for OTN, SDH, and packet services, coherent technology-based, large-capacity, and ultra-long 100G and 40G transmission, WSS-based dynamic optical-layer grooming at ROADM sites, and the ASON/GMPLS control plane. Facilitated by these platforms, carriers can enjoy more flexible transmission, quicker service provisioning, more reliable network, and easier maintenance, therefore ensuring better services and generating more profits. OTN-based new-generation WDM products have the following product series: OptiX OSN 1800: It is mainly applicable to the metro edge layer, including the metro convergence layer and metro access layer. On small-capacity networks, it is also applicable to the core layer. OptiX OSN 3800: It is mainly applicable to the metro convergence layer and metro access layer. OptiX OSN 6800: It is applicable to long-haul backbone networks, regional backbone networks, local networks, the metro convergence layer, and the metro core layer. OptiX OSN 8800: It is mainly applicable to the backbone core layer, and is also applicable to the metro core layer and metro convergence layer. OptiX OSN 9800: It is developed to satisfy the requirements for ultra large capacities and bandwidth.

Whether Huawei NG WDM products support 16 CWDM wavelengths
Huawei NG WDM products support only eight CWDM wavelengths, but some optical-layer boards such as CMR2 and CMR4 support up to 16 wavelengths. Among the 16 wavelengths, eight are provided by NG WDM products and the other eight are provided by third-party equipment.

Does Huawei provide a comprehensive solution for managing APs of different manufacturers
Different manufacturers use different management interfaces between APs and ACs. Currently, Huawei does not provide a solution to make the management interfaces compatible with each other.

Huawei's desktop solution models
Huawei's desktop solution incorporates three products: 1. Standard desktop 2. RH2288H V2 appliance 3. E9000 appliance For details, visit .

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