Counters for evaluating the QoS performance


The QoS performance is evaluated using the following counters:
1. Bandwidth: bearer rate that the network must provide for a specific traffic class
2. Latency: an average time taken by service data to travel across a network (namely, the time interval between transmitting a data packet and receiving the data packet)
3. Jitter: variations in delay
4. Packet loss rate: percentage of lost packets

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Traffic classification in the QoS function of the USG6000 series
There are two traffic classification methods: behavior aggregate (BA) classification and MF classification. �?BA classification �?MF classification

Optical signal performance counters detected by an MCA board
An MCA board can detect the following performance counters and report them to the system control board (the following information can be displayed on the U2000): Single-wavelength optical power Center wavelength Number of wavelengths on an optical path Using the OD wavelength monitoring and management license and the OD function, the MCA board can be used to detect the OSNR of signals whose rates are 10 Gbit/s, 40 Gbit/s, 100 Gbit/s, and 200 Gbit/s. When no OD wavelength monitoring and management license is configured and all the rates of the wavelength signals are less than or equal to 10 Gbit/s, OSNR detection is supported. If the system has signals whose rates are greater than 10 Gbit/s, there are the following restrictions: OSNR monitoring is not supported if adjacent channels have 50 GHz channel spacing. OSNR detection is supported only for signals whose rates are less than or equal to 10 Gbit/s if the channel spacing is 100 GHz.

Definition of QoS
Quality of Service (QoS) is the ability to ensure network transmission performance, for example, bandwidth. In hardware SDN, the system provides the QoS management. Users can create QoS profiles to limit the bandwidth of ECS NICs. By default, no QoS profiles are bound to the primary NIC of an ECS. Therefore, the bandwidth of the primary NIC is not limited. You can modify QoS configurations to limit the NIC bandwidth of an ECS.

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