Cause why the TN16PDU or TN51PDU board of the OSN 8800 can use only single-hole OT terminals


When the 35 mm^2 power cable is connected between a power distribution cabinet of the equipment room and the TN16PDU or TN51PDU board, the terminal connected to the TN16PDU or TN51PDU board must be single-hole. Because of limited space on the PDU, a dual-hole terminal may introduce interference between the holes.

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Impact of the fault of the only AUX board in an OSN 8800 subrack
The AUX board implements inter-board and inter-subrack communication, and intra-subrack management. If the board is not equipped with 1+1 protection and becomes faulty, the communication between its resident NE (or subrack) and the U2000 server will be interrupted.

Cause why "STND" is displayed in the NE Explorer for the OSN 8800 TN54TOA board
It is a reserved design, because there are boards in compatible mode (COMP) and boards in standard mode (STND).

Cause why the STG board is mandatory for the OSN 8800 but optional for the OSN 6800
The OSN 8800 of version V100R002 or later is a synchronous system, requiring that all service boards and cross-connect boards are synchronized (with the same frequencies and aligned frame headers). Therefore, a unique reference clock signal and a unique frame header are required. To meet this requirement, each service board outputs services according to the clock signal and frame header of a clock board. Therefore, the STG board is mandatory for the OSN 8800 of version V100R002 or later. If no STG board is configured, centralized service scheduling cannot be achieved. The OSN 6800 is an asynchronous system and does not require a unique reference clock or unique frame header. Therefore, no STG board needs to be configured for the OSN 6800.

Cause why no jumper or DIP switch can be found on the AUX board of the OSN 8800
No jumper or DIP switch is available on the TN51AUX board on the OSN 8800. If master and slave subracks need to be configured, you can configure subrack IDs using EFI1 boards.

Whether SDH boards can be used in an OSN 8800 slave subrack
SDH boards can be used only in an independent OSN 8800 subrack, but cannot be used in a subrack in master-slave mode.

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