Indication of "25 x 22 dB"


"25 x 22 dB" indicates the transmission distance. "22 dB" indicates the length of each span, and "25" indicates 25 spans.

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Meaning of colors of interface indicators on the S1700
For details about the meaning of each color of the indicators on the S1700, click S1700 Products Description and choose Hardware Structure > Indicator.

Indication of the red alarm indicator on the Metro 1000
If the alarm indicator on the Metro 1000 is steady red, a critical alarm is generated. You need to check it on the NMS.

Indication when the SRV indicator on the TOM board is red
The SRV indicator is a service alarm indicator. The indicator status is described as follows: On (green): The service is normal. On (red): A critical or major service alarm is present. On (yellow): A minor or remote service alarm is present. Off: No service is configured.

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