Possible causes and handling measures if no wavelength information is displayed in the spectrum analysis data queried using the OMCA, MCA4, or MCA8 board


Possible causes are as follows:
1. The physical fiber connections of the OMCA, MCA4, or MCA8 board are different from logical fiber connections.
If this occurs, verify the physical fiber connections.
2. The optical path is abnormal.
If this occurs, check whether the optical path is set up. For example, check whether optical cross-connections are created, physical fiber connections are correct, or the laser on the OA board is properly turned on.

Other related questions:
Software to implement the wavelength monitoring and management of OMCA boards
To implement high-precision OSNR measurement of boards such as OMCA, you need to configure the OD function on the NMS. The OD function is available only after an OD wavelength monitoring and management license is loaded.

Differences between MCA4 and MCA8
They have the same functions but different optical port quantities.

Method used to save the wavelength information scanned by the MCA4 board
After the scanned information is displayed, click Print. In the window that is displayed, right-click and choose Select All from the shortcut menu, copy the information, and paste it to an Excel file.

Method used to query the wavelength information of a line board in the OptiX OSN 8800
1. You can query the wavelength information of a line board on the Advanced Attributes tab in the WDM Interface window. 2. You can also query the wavelength information of a line board based on Board Manufacturer Information of its optical module.

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