Whether fast SD protection switching is supported only in Bursty mode


The OTN standards require that fast switching be supported in Bursty mode. The product only performs fast switching in Bursty mode.
Fast SD protection switching is implemented by setting the DEG detection time window (ms) of the SM overhead.

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Relationship between the switching detection time of ODUK SNCP protection and a fast SD protection switching condition
The switching detection time (unit: 10 ms) described in the product documentation is used in cascading scenarios. The SD enable status for protection determines whether protection switching is triggered when an SD condition is detected. Fast SD protection switching is based on bit errors and implemented by setting the DEG detection time window (ms) of the SM overhead.

Whether the RAID controller card supports fast formatting
The LSISAS2308 and LSISAS3008 RAID controller cards do not support fast formatting. The LSISAS2208 and LSISAS3108 RAID controller cards support fast formatting.

Does TE40 supports SD output?
TE40 supports SD output. However, the VGA port can be converted to an AV port only through a conversion device.

Does the VP9000 series MCU support both HD and SD participants?
Yes, they can. The VP9000 series MCU supports universal transcoding so that HD and SD participants can both join a conference held on a VP9000 series MCU.

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