Whether subracks at different locations can be grouped into the same NE


When multiple subracks need to be used to set up one NE, the master/slave subrack mode must be used for uniform management of these subracks. Standard GE ports are used to connect master and slave subracks. The distance between the master and slave subrack depends on the type and quality of the network cables.

Other related questions:
Whether the statistics in the NE power consumption report are collected by NE or by subrack
The statistics in the NE power consumption reported are collected by NE not by subrack.

Whether different NEs in adjacent ASON domains can have the same site ID
NEs in the same ASON domain must have unique site IDs. NEs from different ASON domains can have the same site ID.

Whether ST2 and STG must be installed in the same subrack
If the clock functions of the ST2 board need to be used, you must insert the board into the subrack equipped with clock boards.

Whether different subracks have the same maximum power consumption
The maximum power consumption varies according to subrack types.

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