Alarms that are generated when the SCC board is frequently reset


1. When the SCC board is reset, the SCC_LOC alarm is generated. When the SCC board is reset frequently, the SCC_LOC alarm is repeatedly generated and cleared.
2. Service boards transiently report the BD_STATUS or COMMUN_FAIL alarm, and the U2000 frequently reports the NE_COMMU_BREAK, NE_NOT_LOGIN, and GNE_CONNECT_FAIL alarms.

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Solution for handling alarms when the OSN 8800 T16 with no SCC board serves as an optical-layer subrack
If the subrack has no CPU board, alarms are detected by the AUX board and reported to the SCC board in the master subrack. If the subrack has a CPU board, the AUX board transparently transmits alarms to the SCC board in the master subrack.

Processing OSC bytes when the SCC board is online
In the receive direction, the OSC board receives overhead bytes (OSC bytes) and sends them to the SCC board for parsing. In the transmit direction, the SCC board collects local management information and sends the information to the OSC board in the OSC overhead format.

Symptoms when the system control board is reset frequently
The symptoms are as follows when the system control board is reset frequently: 1. The NE is frequently unreachable by the U2000. 2. The STAT indicator of the board is abnormal sometimes.

Method used to determine whether the new SCC board is initialized when one SCC board in an OSN 6800 subrack equipped with two SCC boards is replaced
The new SCC board will complete the initialization 15 minutes later after being inserted into the slot housing the original SCC board.

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