U2000 version that supports the Flex P&R feature


The U2000 V100R006C02 supports the Flex P&R feature (a condition-based routing feature). You can query the mapping between U2000 and OSN 8800 versions from the following path: Library Information > Library Overview > Version Mapping.

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Feature support on S1700
As an access switch on enterprise networks, the S1700 provides rich Layer 2 features, for example, VLAN, MAC, ARP, and IGMP snooping. To know more information about supported features, click S1700 Product Description.

How can I upgrade eSpace IPC5701-P V100R001C10B111 to the latest version?
Due to great differences between the two versions, eSpace IPC5701-P V100R001C10B111 cannot be directly upgraded to the latest version. eSpace IPC5701-P V100R001C10B111 must be upgraded in the following path: C10B111 �� C10SPC200 �� C11SPC400 �� C11SPC401 Note: If the source version is V100R001C10 such as Smart IPC V100R001C10 and Smart IPC V100R001C10SPC***, first upgrade the device to Smart IPC V100R001C10SPC200. For details about the upgrade procedure, see the Smart IPC V100R001C10SPC200 Upgrade Guide.

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