Application scenario of the Ethernet tag mode


The Ethernet mode on the NMS corresponds to the raw mode, while the Ethernet tag mode on the NMS corresponds to the tag mode.

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Application scenarios of the S1700
S1700 switches are classified into the SNMP-based model, web-managed model, and NMS-free model.

What are the differences between AP restart modes and what are their application scenarios
You can restart an AP in the following ways: run the reset command on the AC, log in to the AP and restart it, hold down the RESET button on the AP, and power off and on the AP. The differences and application scenarios of these restart modes are as follows: - Run the reset command on the AC: Run the ap-reset { all | id ap-id | ap-type { type ap-type | type-id type-id } } command in the WLAN view to restart a specified AP or APs in batches. This command applies only to online APs. - Log in to the AP and restart it: Log in to the AP and run the reboot command in the user view to restart the AP. You can restart an AP using this method only after you log in to the AP using Telnet or through the console port. This method is used to restart APs that are not online on the AC. You can connect a PC to the wired interface of the AP and log in to the AP using Telnet. - Hold down the RESET button on the AP: Using this method, you can restart an AP without the need to get the AP online or log in to the AP. - Power off and on the AP: If the AP uses PoE power supply, run the undo poe enable and poe enable commands in the interface view of the power sourcing equipment (PSE) to restart the AP.

What are the application scenarios of CES
The application scenarios of CES include routine management, alarm notification and capacity adjustment.

VPN Application Scenario
Through the communication tunnel between the VPC and your traditional data center created by VPN, you can easily use the ECSs and block storage resources provided by the Open Telekom Cloud platform. Applications can be migrated to the cloud and additional web servers can be deployed to increase the computing capacity on a network. In this way, a hybrid cloud is built, which reduces IT O&M costs and protects enterprise core data from being leaked. VPN supports local gateways created for different VPCs to establish an IPSec VPN tunnel with the same remote gateway.

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