Board that manages signal, routing, and link management profiles


The signal, routing, and link management profiles are parts of the ASON software and are managed by the system control board.

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Configure a static route on the S1700
Configure a static or default route on the S1700 as follows: 1. Choose IP Routing > IPv4 Route from the navigation tree on the left. 2. Select IPv4 Static/Default Route and click New. 3. Configure parameters such as the IP address, subnet mask, and gateway address, and the click Apply. Note: Only S1720, S1700-FR, and S1700-GFR switches support the routing feature.

Software to implement the wavelength monitoring and management of OMCA boards
To implement high-precision OSNR measurement of boards such as OMCA, you need to configure the OD function on the NMS. The OD function is available only after an OD wavelength monitoring and management license is loaded.

In-band management and out-of-band management and differences between out-of-band management and in-band management
Differences between the in-band management and out-of-band management: FAQ-What is out-of-band management or inband management, and what are their differences

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