Method used to distinguish master and slave subracks onsite


The LED indicator on the SCC or AUX board indicates whether the subrack is a master or slave subrack when subracks are cascaded.
"0" indicates the master subrack.
"EE" indicates that the subrack ID is incorrect or cannot be read.
Other values indicate slave subracks. For example, "1" indicates slave subrack 1, and "2" indicates slave subrack 2.

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Master or Slave subracks of OSN9800
OSN 9800 does not support optical-layer slave subracks.

Changing OSN 1800 independent subracks to master/slave subracks
Associating a logical master subrack with a physical subrack: After creating an NE on the NMS and uploading NE data, associate the logical master subrack with a physical subrack. Adding logical slave subracks: Based on the ID information of slave subracks in the actual networking, add logical slave subracks. Associating logical slave subracks with physical slave subracks: Based on the networking status, associate logical slave subracks with master slave subracks to establish the mapping between the subracks.

Design principles for OSN 1800 master/slave subrack planning
In the case of OptiX OSN 1800, one master subrack can manage a maximum of six slave subracks. The ID of the slave subrack that connects to the input and output optical ports RM2/TM2 of the OSC in the master subrack must be 1. In the networking with OSC modules, no slave subrack can be added or deleted for the master subrack (ID: 0) and slave subrack (ID: 1). In master/slave subrack mode, only the ETH1 port of the SCC board in the master subrack can be connected to the NMS. The SCC boards in the master and slave subracks must have the same software version.

Insertion of TDM boards into OSN 8800 master/slave subracks
Not all boards can be inserted to master/slave subracks. Project A in country I is used as an example. In the engineering design phase of this project, there are too many SLH14 fibers. To facilitate fiber maintenance, two SLH41 boards cannot be inserted into adjacent slots and SLH41 boards cannot be inserted in slots at the edge of a subrack. For services with heavy traffic, SLH41 boards can be installed in two subracks in master/slave mode. According to the feedback from field engineers, no SLH41 board can be queried on the NMS. There are restrictions on subracks for housing boards that support packet/SDH services.

Specifications for slave subrack expansion on the master subrack of OSN 8800 T32
The TN52SCC board supports a total of 20 optical and electrical subracks, containing four or less electrical subracks. The TN51SCC board supports a total of eight optical and electrical subracks, containing four or less electrical subracks. The subracks run in master/slave mode. The number of subracks here indicates the number of equivalent subracks. One OSN 6800 subrack equals to one equivalent subrack, and one OSN 8800 T32 subrack equals to two equivalent subracks.

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