Cross-connection mode that the system preferentially selects when both the distributed cross-connection and centralized cross-connection are supported


The system preferentially uses the distributed cross-connection.

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Capacity of OSN3500 cross connection
GXCSA: high-order capacity:40Gbit/s GXCSA:high-order capacity:5Gbit/s GXCSA: access capacity:35Gbit/s EXCSA: high-order capacity:80Gbit/s EXCSA:high-order capacity:5Gbit/s EXCSA: access capacity:75Gbit/s UXCSA: high-order capacity:80Gbit/s UXCSA:high-order capacity:20Gbit/s UXCSA: access capacity:58.75Gbit/s SXCSA: high-order capacity:200Gbit/s SXCSA:high-order capacity:20Gbit/s SXCSA: access capacity:155Gbit/s SXCSB: high-order capacity:200Gbit/s SXCSB:high-order capacity:20Gbit/s SXCSB: access capacity:156bit/s

Capacity of Optix OSN2500 cross-connection
Q2/Q3CXL serial card : High order capacity:20Gbit/s�?28×128 VC-4�?Low order capacity:20Gbit/s �?28×128 VC-4)or �?84×384 VC-3)or�?064×8064 VC-12�?Sigal subrack access capacity :18.75Gbit/s�?20×120 VC-4�?Q5CXL serial card : High order capacity: new mother board :60Gbit/s�?84×384 VC-4) old mother board�?0Gbit/s�?28×128 VC-4�?Low order capacity:�?0Gbit/s�?28×128 VC-4)or�?84×384 VC-3)or�?064×8064 VC-12�?Sigal subrack access capacity : new mother board :22.5Gbit/s�?44 ×144 VC-4�?old mother board�?8.75Gbit/s�?20×120 VC-4�? Enterprise Network,Enterprise Transmission,MSTP,Capacity of Optix OSN1500 cross-connection,Q2/Q3CXL serial card

ODU1 cross-connections failing to be created on the TN52TOM board of OSN 6800 where no cross-connection is configured
The TN52TOM board does not support distributed ODU1 cross-connections.

Cross-connection scheduling capabilities supported by ND2 boards
The service scheduling capabilities vary according to the versions of ND2 boards. The details are as follows: TN11ND2/TN12ND2: 8 x ODU1, 2 x ODU2, 2 x ODU2e TN52ND2T01/TN52ND2T02/TN52ND201M01: 16 x ODU0, 8 x ODU1, 2 x ODU2, 2 x ODU2e TN52ND2T04/TN53ND2/TN57ND2: 16 x ODU0, 8 x ODU1, 4 x ODUflex, 2 x ODU2, 2 x ODU2e

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