Models of cabinets provided by Huawei


Huawei provides two types of ETS 300-119-compliant cabinets: N66B and N63B.

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What are the models of Huawei MCU products?
Currently, Huawei provides two MCU models: VP9000 series and ViewPoint 8000 series. VP9000 series MCUs: VP9660, VP9650, and VP9630; ViewPoint 8000 series MCUs: ViewPoint 8660, ViewPoint 8650, and ViewPoint 8650C.

Whether Huawei provides tower servers
Huawei does not provide tower servers.

Server models
Huawei provides rack servers, blade servers, high-density, and mission-critical servers. For details about the server models, see http: //

Huawei blade server models
Huawei provides E6000 and E9000 blade servers. E9000 are mainstream blade servers.

Huawei's desktop solution models
Huawei's desktop solution incorporates three products: 1. Standard desktop 2. RH2288H V2 appliance 3. E9000 appliance For details, visit .

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