Models of cabinets provided by Huawei


Huawei provides two types of ETS 300-119-compliant cabinets: N66B and N63B.

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Huawei's desktop solution models
Huawei's desktop solution incorporates three products: 1. Standard desktop 2. RH2288H V2 appliance 3. E9000 appliance For details, visit .

Whether Huawei provides tower servers
Huawei does not provide tower servers.

Huawei blade server models
Huawei provides E6000 and E9000 blade servers. E9000 are mainstream blade servers.

Server models
Huawei provides rack servers, blade servers, high-density, and mission-critical servers. For details about the server models, see http: //

What are the models of Huawei MCU products?
Currently, Huawei provides two MCU models: VP9000 series and ViewPoint 8000 series. VP9000 series MCUs: VP9660, VP9650, and VP9630; ViewPoint 8000 series MCUs: ViewPoint 8660, ViewPoint 8650, and ViewPoint 8650C.

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